Volunteer Positions

Laramie Audubon Society – Fall 2013 to Fall 2019- I was the secretary and web manager, and I often lead birding trips.

eBird – Fall 2013 to Fall 2019- I was a reviewer for Wyoming. In the process of reviewing flagged records, I dialogued with both resident and visiting birders in the state.


Outreach Projects

Swallow Girl Scout badge by Sierra Morrow

Swallow badge by Sierra Morrow

Co-leader for Project NestWatch with Laramie Girl Scouts at Hutton NWR, summer 2017. In conjunction with Laramie Audubon Society and the Biodiversity Institute. We checked nest boxes regularly throughout the spring and summer, collected data, and learned about Tree Swallows. The girls concluded the project with skits explaining the Tree Swallow life cycle and causes of adult mortality!


Bird bander at the LIND MAPS station near Laramie, summers 2014 – 2018. In conjunction with Audubon Rockies.


Photo courtesy Laurel Armstrong

Miscellaneous Events


Inaugural Laramie Audubon Art Show, a gallery of work by local artists that reflects their interactions with the natural world, in conjunction with the Biodiversity Institute, February – March 2018. I was co-organizer with Samantha Weatherston.

Aquatic Birds and Predictive Morphology activity; part of the Girl Scouts in Science: Discovering Wyoming Water program and in conjunction with the Biodiversity Institute, 2 March 2016.

Species Concepts and Taxonomy activity; part of the Latina Youth Conference program and in conjunction with the Biodiversity Institute, 15 October 2016.

Citizen Science

I use a lot of data contributed to citizen science portals for my research, so I like to give back whenever I can.

My contributions to eBirdIMG_7244

My contributions to iNaturalist

I have also participated in: