Pedagogical Training

I am a LAMP Fellow for the 2018-2019 academic year. The LAMP program trains graduate students and faculty in active learning techniques. I am implementing Problem-based Learning in General Ecology.

Instructor of Record – University of Wyoming

ZOO 3400 – General Ecology – 26 students

I developed my course content around topics covered by previous lecturers of this course, but I converted approximately a third of the lectures to problem-based learning activities, where the students applied their ecological knowledge to real-world scenarios.

Click here for my graphic syllabus.

Click here for a description of our PBL activities.

Click here for the description of the end-of-semester poster projects.

For my final LAMP project, I created a poster that explains the PBL activities and explores some of the data from the end-of-semester active learning survey administered to students. Click here to view the poster.

ZOO 3600 – Animal Behavior (1 semester) – 43 students

I developed my course from materials used by previous lecturers of the course, but I integrated more active learning techniques in the classroom. I especially used PollEverywhere to get instant feedback on student comprehension and to allow all students to participate in a stress-free way. Click here to view my syllabus.


Teaching Assistantships – University of Wyoming

LIFE 3050 – Genetics (1 semester) – I revamped the discussion portion of the course with active learning techniques, particularly Problem-based Learning. I led three discussion sections totaling 65 students. Click here for descriptions of our discussion activities.

LIFE 1010 – General Biology (1 semester) – I taught two lab sections of General Biology, totaling 48 students. I presented the lab material, supervised the labs, assisted students outside of lab, graded assignments, and maintained gradebooks.

LIFE 2022 – Animal Biology (1 semester) – I taught two lab sections totaling 41 students. I was responsible for presentation of material, grading article discussions and lab reports, incorporating active learning techniques, and overseeing the lab. I also graded short response questions for the lecture portion of the class.

LIFE 3050 – Genetics (1 semester) – I led two discussion sections, totaling 67 students. I helped students complete their assignments.

ZOO 4350 (3 semesters) – Ornithology – I supervised P1060742lab activities for a total of 90 students. I presented material from the University of Wyoming Museum of Vertebrates, wrote and graded quizzes, and supervised the lab. I also gave two guest lectures in the class.

ZOO 4650 – Tropical Ecology of Ecuador – I helped to plan the course, supervised 9 students during a ten-day J-term field course to Ecuador, and facilitated the discussion portion of the course following the trip.

Teaching Assistantships – Andrews University

BIOL 165 – Foundations of Biology (2 semesters) – I supervised 8 students during lab each semester and graded their assignments.

BIOL 251 – Research Methods I (1 semester) – I graded assignments for 35 students and gave three guest lectures.

BIOL 252 – Research Methods II (2 semesters) – I graded homework and tests and maintained the grade sheets for a total of 85 students.

BIOL 348 – General Ecology (2 semesters) – I taught the lab course for a total of 56 students. The first time around, the labs were mostly tour-style; thus, I was responsible for lecturing on the lab material to half of the class. I also developed a quantitative freshwater ecology lab. The next time I taught the course, I added three quantitative field labs to the pre-existing tour-style labs and the freshwater lab. I graded the lab reports resulting from these quantitative labs. I reinstated group projects, so I guided students as they developed a research question and methodology. I was responsible for explaining the material to half of the class during the tour-style labs. I maintained gradesheets for the class and guest lectured for four class periods.

BIOL 453 – Biology Seminar (2 semesters) – I graded assignments for a total of 67 students.

IMG_3427ZOOL 454 – Ornithology – This was a three-week-long short course, including a 10-day birding trip in Michigan and to Point Pelee. I helped plan the trip and gave lectures during the trip. For the on-campus portion of the class, I guided the 7 students through labs and wrote and graded tests.

MATH 141 & 142 – Calculus I & II (2 semesters each) – I graded homework and quizzes for a total of 100 students.

MATH 426 – Mathematical Modeling in Biology (1 semester) – I graded homework for 13 students.